Junk Removal Santa Cruz, CA

Junk Hauling Santa Cruz

Whether you have commercial or residential junk that needs removal, JMK Hauling offers reliable services to our customers in Santa Cruz, CA. Get a free quote now!

Junk Removal Santa Cruz, CA

Junk Pickup Santa Cruz

JMK is a full service junk hauling and garbage removal company serving Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas. 

From commercial junk hauling services to residential junk removal, we can help you declutter your space and regain your peace of mind.  

Here are just a few of the Santa Cruz junk removal services we offer:


- Trash removal
- Santa Cruz Junk removal
- Full property clean up inside and outside
- Appliance removal
- Garage clean outs


- Trash and junk removal
- (Around) dumpster clean up for apartment buildings
- Monthly contracts for weekly service
- Servicing grocery stores
- Servicing apartments and commercial buildings

We are fully insured, affordable, and love to offer same or next day services to our valued Santa Cruz clients!

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What Can Junk Removal in Santa Cruz Do For Your Home?

With so much of the world spending more time at home than ever before, it’s important to keep your environment decluttered and clean. 

Today, JMK Hauling wants to show you how we can help you regain your space, and your peace of mind, with our junk removal services.

Having Trouble Staying Organized?

We know that disorganization, clutter, and messes add to the stress of your everyday life. 

Before you can tackle a decluttering checklist, we always advise our clients to properly prepare. Make sure you know what you want out of your cleaning and decluttering project before you begin.

Map out a plan of attack so that can see your tasks on paper and move through them systematically. Once a chore or room is done, check it off and keep moving through your list. 

Being organized and having a well thought out checklist for what you want to accomplish will make your tasks so much easier.

And JMK is here to help you rid that excess stuff so you can claim your space and enjoy your home again. 

Think you might need help ditching that clutter? You can check out our work here!

Junk Hauling to Stay Organized in Santa Cruz
How JMK Hauling Can Help You At Home in Santa Cruz

Are You Ready For More Peace?

Studies show that a minimalistic home or business that’s free of excess stuff reduces stress, calms anxiety, and even soothes depression. When you only keep items that are either beautiful to you – or useful – you too will feel more peace. 

Whether you’re tackling a Santa Cruz garage, business, basement, or home, you may need to spend a few days going through an area or two each day and decluttering before you’re ready for your trash pick up. 

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, grab a friend or family member, and try to make it fun!

In each room, bring in a box and a garbage bag. Then go through shelves, drawers, and closets, and decide what you want to keep, give away, or throw away. 

This is a great way to purge things that you and your family don’t use or need any longer and will set you up for success when you tackle cleaning in the future. 

And if you need help hauling away all of that clutter, you know who to call for junk removal Santa Cruz!

JMK offers same or next day Santa Cruz junk hauling which means we’re ready when you are.

What Will You Do With Your Space?

The beauty of letting go of extra stuff that you don’t need, is the world of possibilities that are opened up.

That’s the gift JMK loves to give to our Santa Cruz clients. 

Since 2014, we’ve been helping our valued community turn cluttered garages, unused basements, overrun guest rooms, and trash laden properties into beautiful and usable spaces that they can actually enjoy.

Whether you dream of a craft room, an extra office, a man cave, a game room, or a backyard oasis, we can help transform your current clutter into your new favorite space. 

Call us about your residential junk needs now!

Santa Cruz Junk Removal If Need More Space

Why Should You Choose JMK For Junk Hauling In Santa Cruz?

If you need junk hauling in Santa Cruz, JMK Hauling can help! 

At JMK we offer full service Santa Cruz junk removal services, including garage clean outs, commercial junk hauling, trash pick up, junk hauling Sanat Cruz and more. 

Call us today and see how we can help you regain space in your Santa Cruz home or business.