Junk Removal Santa Clara, CA

Junk Hauling Santa Clara

If you’re in Santa Clara and you’ve got junk that needs removal, or garage clean up services, JMK is on the job! For stress free junk hauling, call us today.

Junk Removal Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara Junk Pickup

Does excess trash, junk, and clutter have you down?  JMK Hauling can help! 

As a fully insured, affordable, and fast trash and junk removal Santa Clara, we are devoted to cleaning out your home, garage, yard, or business fast. 

We offer same and next day services to our valued clients. 

From commercial junk hauling in Santa Clara, to residential junk removal, we can help you tackle any mess you throw our way!

Here are just a few of the junk hauling Santa Clara services we offer: 


- Trash removal
- Junk hauling Santa Clara
- Full property clean up inside and outside
- Appliance removal
- Garage clean outs


- Trash and junk removal
- (Around) dumpster clean up for apartment buildings
- Available at monthly contracts for weekly service
- Servicing grocery stores
- Servicing apartments and commercial buildings

Check out our full list of junk removal Santa Clara services now!

Need Your Business, Home, Or Garage Organized?

How The Best Junk Hauling In Santa Clara Can Help...

As a trusted Santa Clara junk removal company, JMK knows a thing or two about the spaces in your home and business that get extra cluttered. 

Excess trash, junk, and clutter can be a real problem for your home, business, and even your reputation. Excess clutter has even been proven to increase anxiety and lower productivity – a major negative both at home and at work.

That’s why today we are sharing ways we can help you declutter and organize your home, garage, or business so you can regain your space!

How JMK Hauling Can Help Your Business

We work with a multitude of business types, from construction sites, to offices, to apartment and rental clean outs. No matter the type of trash and junk hauling your Santa Clara business needs, we’ve got you covered!

Our trained staff can clean up around your dumpsters, service your grocery store, your job site, or your commercial building. We are fast, affordable, reliable, and even available for weekly services on a monthly contract.

Call JMK Hauling about your business junk and trash needs today!

Junk Removal on Your Business in Santa Clara
Junk Hauling on Your Garage Or Yard in Santa Clara

How JMK Hauling Can Help Your Garage Or Yard

Is your garage, patio, or yard an unusable mess? JMK Hauling offers our Santa Clara clients a multitude of services that can help. 

You can now ditch that busted concrete patio, rusty old grill, and those old holiday decorations you store but never use. From garage clean outs, full property clean ups, and even appliance removal, we can clean out your garage and yard so you can utilize that extra space!

Call us about your garage and yard needs today!

How JMK Hauling Can Help You At Home

If your home is bogged down by clutter, we can help you purge the excess and give you a minimalistic home that’s easier to maintain and enjoy!

So tackle that clutter and give yourself a proper guest room or home office. We will haul trash, junk, appliances, furniture, mattresses, box springs, and more!

Call us about your residential junk needs now!

Junk Removal At Home in Santa Clara

Need Junk Removal Santa Clara?

For years, JMK Hauling has offered junk removal, trash removal, garage clean outs, commercial trash pick up, and more to the residents and businesses of Santa Clara and the surrounding areas. 

While you get your home and garage organized, we remove everything you no longer want or need!

Need Santa Clara Junk Pickup? JMK hauls:

  • Junk
  • Trash
  • Green waste
  • Concrete
  • Construction debris
  • Dirt removal
  • Mattress and box spring
  • Appliances
  • TVs
  • E-waste
  • And much more!

We would love to make your junk hauling in Santa Clara easy so that you can have both your peace of mind and your space back! Call us for a free quote today.