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JMK Hauling offers efficient and reliable junk removal and appliance removal services in San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a guaranteed junk removal service, call us today!

Junk Removal San Jose, CA

Junk Pickup San Jose CA

Are you ready to regain your space (and your sanity) by ditching that clutter and garbage once and for all? 

JMK offers same and next day services to our loyal San Jose clients! 

As a full service junk hauling and garbage removal company, we take great pride in our affordable, efficient junk pick up and trash removal services. 

From commercial junk hauling in San Jose, to residential junk removal, we can help you declutter your space and ditch the trash that’s weighing you down. 

We offer junk removal in San Jose CA, and the surrounding areas with the following services:


- Trash removal
- Junk hauling San Jose
- Full property clean up inside and outside
- Appliance removal
- Garage clean outs


- Trash and junk removal
- (Around) dumpster clean up for apartment buildings
- Monthly contracts for weekly service
- Servicing grocery stores
- Servicing apartments and commercial buildings

JMK hauling is fully insured, affordable, and is devoted to cleaning out your trash fast.

Check out our full list of junk removal San Jose services now!

Junk Hauling San Jose: What Can JMK Hauling Can Do For You This Year?

The idea of deep cleaning your home can be overwhelming. That’s why so many people let clutter build up over time – and the longer you put it off, the worse it gets.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a little planning – and our help! – you can tackle one area of your home every month, and never let that clutter rule your life again. 

Today JMK Hauling – a full service junk removal in San Jose CA – wants to share just some of the decluttering tasks that we can help you conquer

Is Your Closet Overpacked?

Now is a great time to go through clothing, closets, and dresser drawers. 

Clothing can hold sentimental value, so a good rule of thumb is to keep only the clothing you love

That means if it doesn’t fit, is worn out, or you can’t wear it again, let it go, and let us get rid of it so you can have your closet space back.

JMK hauls old clothes and other trash, so you don’t have to!

Junk Hauling on Your Closet in San Jose
Junk Removal On Your Kitchen in San Jose

Is Your Kitchen Overrun?

Today is a great day to get your pantry and kitchen organized!

Discard anything old or expired, and try getting some stackable bins for things like flours, sugars, grains, and cereals.

JMK will pick up your excess trash and will even haul away old or broken appliances!

Is Your Attic Or Basement A Nightmare?

This year is a perfect opportunity to start getting those extra out of sight places organized. 

If you have an attic or basement, take stock of the items you’re storing and ask yourself why.

Now is a great time to schedule a junk hauling San Jose pick up so that you can regain some of your storage space back!

Junk Hauling in Your Attic or Basement in San Jose
Junk Hauling on Your Garage in San Jose

Garage Getting You Down?

The arrival of warmer weather is a perfect time to also regain some space in your garage so you can actually park your car, or maybe have that man cave you’ve always wanted!  

And if you need help with a garage clean out, you know who to call. 

JMK can help by picking up old electronics, appliances, mattresses, or any other junk you’ve been storing for too long!

Yard & Porches Unusable?

Have you always wanted to host backyard parties, but never had a space to show off? 

Now is a great time to get your decks, porches, and yard cleaned up. If you have old rusty grills or broken patio furniture, consider repairing it or hauling it and replacing it this month. 

JMK does full property clean ups indoors or out – we even take care of concrete and construction debris. Call us and we can help get your yard under control!

Junk Removal on Your Yard and Porches in San Jose
Junk Hauling on Overflowing Toys, Crafts and Hobbies in San Jose

Toys, Crafts, & Hobbies

Whether you’ve got overflowing bins of toys under foot, or a messy craft cupboard, now is a great time to get hobbies and toys in check. 

Try purchasing some shallow drawers for tiny items and sort larger items into bins or baskets that compliment your home. 

And don’t forget to purge the old to make way for the new – we can help!

Junk Removal San Jose CA

If you need junk hauling in San Jose, we’re the ones to call!

Our experienced staff of junk haulers are here to help you regain your space. Business or residential, we haul it all!